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ERICK ( is a professional European masseur in Los Angeles whose charming personality and intuitive touch guarantees an amazing massage experience.

BRANDO CRUZ ( is a New York City-based massage therapist and bodybuilder in New York City who is the Masseur of the Day in North America. He is a gentle giant with a heart of gold and the touch to match!

FERNANDO ( is a male masseur in London and the Masseur of the Day in Europe. His strong hands will keep you relaxed and at ease throughout your massage session.

PACO ( is a tantric masseur in Barcelona whose practice is geared to relaxing and empowering you through a series of intense massage experiences.

MUSCLE GUY NEXT DOOR ( is a hairy chested, muscular, and broad-shouldered masseur in Los Angeles, California. His strong hands will certainly work out every knot in your body, leaving you feeling much healthier and in a far more relaxed state of mind and body.

MATEO ( is an athletic and muscular male masseur in New York City. He is a very easygoing guy whose warm and sensual touch help your body calm down and ease into complete relaxation.

ERICK ( is a male masseur in London who offers erotic massages in a soft, warm, and inviting setting to provide a truly relaxed massage session.

ADAM ( is the Masseur of the Day in North America. He is a trained bodyworker based in New York City who specializes in sensual and erotic massages, tailoring his touch and energy to each client’s individual needs.

LAZARO ( is the Masseur of the Day in Europe. He is based in Madrid where he offers a variety of massage techniques and aromatherapy.

CARL ( is a professional masseur in Palm Springs who offers a variety of bodywork services from relaxing and therapeutic massages to spa and wellness appointments.

LARRY ( is Europe’s Masseur of the Day and is based in London, England. This tight and toned masseur is readily available in a comfortable and discreet studio, check out his profile for more information!

J.L. ( is a therapeutic masseur in San Diego who offers a discreet and sensual massage on a table with massage oils and mood music.

JOSE ( is the masseur of the day in Europe. Based in Madrid, Spain, he offers quality massages in a discreet and central location.

JOSE ( is an ITEC certified professional masseur in London who has over 7 years of experience under his belt.

PERFECTTOUCH ( is a male masseur in Palm Springs who is trained in different modalities of massage including Swedish, deep tissue, and sensual.