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Confident Algerian masseur for all your needs!

Last Sunday - October 5th, showed up at the 41st Annual Castro Street Fair in San Francisco, a city known for its outdoor neighborhood fairs and festivals. Founded in 1974 by gay rights leader Harvey Milk, the Castro Street Fair is a community event that features local entertainers, businesses, artists, and vendors. All proceeds from the fair go to local community charities and also help keep the all inclusive rainbow flag flying at the heart of this gay mecca! 

The day started early for TTBaum ( Brand Manager and San Francisco Sacred Intimate) and his crew. By 8am they had claimed their space, and erected the 10 x 10 pop-up that would later be outfitted with full-sized massage table, massage chair, information table and all the SWAG. 

By 11AM, TT was joined by Bryan Harrelson, local masseur and yoga teacher best known for his classes at Naked Yoga for Men-SF, and Jerry Cuffey, local table and chair masseur who is a Tui-Na expert and offered Japanese Acupressure chair massage all day. At 11:30 our free pop-up spa was underway. 

As the temperature on this October day approached 90-degreees in what locals call the San Francisco Summer, each of our talented Manworks masseurs offered 10-minute mini sessions to fair goers. At 2PM we were joined by Michael Konopko who took over for Bryan and proceeded to stretch folks out from a long day in the heat! 

Along with these amazing masseurs, fairgoers also received information about, got spritzed with cooling aromatic spa sprays and took home some MW s.w.a.g including ever necessary stress balls and stylish American Apparel custom tank-tops

Overall everyone had a great time. TTBaum estimated 500+ interactions with fair attendees, and each masseur touched DOZENS of bodies during the day. Their feedback:

BRYAN: I loved working the Manworks booth at the Castro Street Fair.  In just a few hours I worked on over a dozen people.  Everyone was really grateful for the attention.  People really love and need bodywork!

JERRY: I think I was at least part of a rainbow today at the Castro Street Fair with the crew. Thank you TTBaum for managing and organizing the Manworks pop-up spa. It was great working with Bryan, Michael, Jared, Jack Davis and Michael Grohall. What an amazing day just to be there and touch all those men and women. If I forgot anyone, it is because I’m ‘dog tired’. I would do this again next year in a heart beat…..Complete team effort!! A Full Rainbow was made today! I am fairly certain that I worked on 40-45 bodies in 6 1/2hrs.

Thanks CASTRO! We had a blast! Be sure to find any of these talented men on the site! See you next year



What I do is an expression of my values, the high ideals and essence of an interpersonal experience…Scott




In my massages I combine the oily and sensual strokes of Lomi-Lomi with other favourite thecniques in order to provide a full holistic massage with a great therapeutic value.- DAVID



I give my FULL attention to you in our sessions, and will leave you feeling WHOLLY taken care of.- Jimmy



It’s the weekend! Give yourself a shot at full range spa services for MEN in Soho!

This week Manworks keeps it real in New York City with 2014 Hookies Award winner for “Best Massage” - Bryan Knight. Bryan talks to us about his path to massage, his style and what keeps him coming back to! 


How long have you been a masseur/bodyworker? 

7 years.

How did you become interested in massage as a profession? 

My mother would massage me to calm me down during hyper childhood days. After that, it came naturally to me until the first day I was offered money to do what I enjoyed!

What do you consider your specialty?

My specialty is putting people at ease quickly with a strong, confident application of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques.

What kinds of things do you do to ensure that you are able to give clients the best bodywork experience they can get? 

They get a clean, comfortable space in a safe, private building. They have access to shower facilities and are never rushed. 

Do you get massages yourself? If so how often? 

I get massages 1-2x a week. Chris Roberts ( gives me great work for my feet and shoulders, and so does Mike Cruise ( for my hands.


What other self-care advice would you like to share with us? 

Cultivate an attitude of peace and tranquility during chaos. Your immune system and your energy levels are strengthened by your good thoughts.

What is one thing that you would recommend to clients who are new to massage? 

Have an actual conversation with your potential therapist about your interests and your needs before seeing them. Speaking to the person communicates more richly and clearly than text and email.


What do you enjoy the most about doing massage/bodywork? 

I enjoy that my client feels better immediately because of my efforts and skill.

What do you enjoy the most about listing with

I love the great staff at Manworks that works so hard to make sure therapists are taken care of and that visitors are satisfied by their experiences. 

Find Bryan on at and find out why he is the 2014 Best Massage Award Winner - and see if you can grab him this weekend at the HustlaBall. 



Strong hands for a relaxing and pleasureable erotic massage.



my hands will reach the right points where you will get tension relief and relaxation.-LEO



I combine strength with gentleness as I work with a firm & soft touch for what brings the highest & deepest pleasure available in the session.-James

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Where can one find that Jason in SF? He's cute.
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Go to his page



Aussie ginger with some amazingly talented hands. Hit up Ned to get your week off to great start!