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I’ve strong hands that can relieve any pain or discomfort you may be feeling; also a light touch that will leave you feeling BLISS and satisfaction.



Our Masseur of the Day in LONDON has the hands for a slow sensual experience!



I love to let my fingertips and palms explore the valleys and hills of your body and what’s hidden and beyond, including skin contact of all kinds from a soft gentle touch to a strong and intense deep tissue massage with both my palms.



The massage that I give mixes traditional therapeutic muscle work with intimate arousing touch and body weight that gradually awakes natural erotic senses - to bring you to the powerful crescendo and ultimate relaxation.



Our Masseur of the Day in Los Angeles is a Swedish and Lomi-Lomi expert. Let him glide you into your week.



Pedro offers a “world class” massage experience. Finish your weekend in his hands!



In Boston, our Masseur of the Day is a dedicated fitness buff! Strong hands and a keen style await you.

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Arnau is a personal trainer and offers you the “best massage” in Spain!

Every week Manworks goes around the country and around the world to bring you an interview with one of our Masseurs so that you guys can get to know him a little bit better, and maybe get some more information about the kinds of massage that are available to you. 

This week’s Manworks Interview is with ANDRES. Andres was our Masseur of the Day on July 14th! 

How long have you been a masseur/bodyworker? 

I have been working as a masseur for the last 15 years.  

How did you become interested in massage as a profession? 

I cannot think of a specific time or date, it just happened. I have always been interested in massage and holistic therapies, and I started from an early age to read about it and to develop my skills until the moment it became something natural for me to do. It was meant to be. 

What do you consider your specialty?

If I have to choose one, probably I will choose Tantric Massage. It is the biggest challenge and the best use of all my knowledge and skills. It is not about showing off, it is a part of my learning process. I do my best on each session, and every client is different, with different needs and I always learn something new from each one of them.  

What kinds of things do you do to ensure that you are able to give clients the best bodywork experience they can get? 

I like to prepare myself for each session. I clean my space and renew my energy through meditation and incense. I limit my services to three a day, only one of which is Tantra. If I feel my energy is low, I take the day off. I do yoga every day, gym four times a week and I have a good diet. 

Do you get massages yourself? If so how often? 

Not as often as I should but there is a reason for it.  Massage for me is work and it becomes very difficult to relax when I am the client. I am very critical. It does not mean I do not take care of myself, but I tend to do it using other forms of therapy and meditation. 

What other self-care advice would you like to share with us? 

Never overdo it.  As said before I try not to overbook. Avoid stress as much as possible, and care as much for your body as for your mind and well-being. Each day do at least one thing that makes you feel really good about yourself.   

What is one thing that you would recommend to clients who are new to massage? 

Honesty and be upfront, never be scared to ask questions and to resolve any doubt beforehand. A good masseur can read your body and empathize with you to an amazing level, but he can’t read minds. I wish I could, I would be a millionaire (grin). I always try my best, but an important component to a session is chemistry, and that is a two way street. 

What do you enjoy the most about doing massage/bodywork? 

A happy client. As a masseur when you see a client has obtained all the benefits from a session, it is an amazing pleasure, a gift. I love my work and to be able to help and make my clients feel better is a gift, a confirmation I am on the right path. Not all the sessions are the same and when everything is right, right energy, sensations, chemistry and so on, something magical happens which is beautiful and unique.  

Find Andres and all his Tantric Talent on in LONDON



Our Masseur for Friday is Luke! Chicago, be ready for some intimate touch - “Luke gives good hands!”



Strong hands waiting for you in London! Fernando offers long, relaxing sessions. Call him!



Exceptionally skilled Certified Masseur of the day - J, in San Francisco offers extraordinary sensual, therapeutic and tantric work!




In Paris a one of a kind experience awaits you.. Bodywork by Eastern European expert hands!



I’m happy to craft an experience for your body’s needs and give you some tips for releasing tension in your daily life. I have studied a variety of bodywork methods.