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Lucas comes all the way from Australia, to work with you in LONDON! Certified Masseur with specialized touch. Get on his table and melt!

We’ve got your back - and your front!! 



Masseur of the day for NYC - Queens is Eugene. Discreet and mobile, he will come to you to meet your relaxation needs!




Barcelona is hostin Lukas, our European Masseur of the Day for a limited time! Catch him while you can…




"My sensual massages are hand-tailored from the gentle touch to the deep penetrating…to aid you in the pleasure you are seeking."- Jeff




A full body contact masseur uses touch to aid circulation, stimulate the sexual energy and make tight muscles relax without any pain or discomfort…”



Our masseur of the day is a professional ballet dancer from Russia, now living in New York! Brent is new to the city and giving you full body, ecstatic massage outcalls at your place!



In Spain, Gerard has years of experience as a professionally trained tantric masseur. He can tailor your experience to your needs!

Every week Manworks goes around the country and around the world to bring you an interview with one of our Masseurs so that you guys can get to know him a little bit better, and maybe get some more information about the kinds of massage that are available to you. 

This week’s Manworks Interview is with LANCE NAVARRO. Lance is our Masseur of the Day for the U.S. based in San Francisco, CA.


How long have you been a masseur/bodyworker?

I’ve been doing massage for 6 years, I did it part time for about a year before I decided to leave my retail career and pursue bodywork full-time.

How did you become interested in massage as a profession?

I was unemployed and looking for things to keep my mind and spirit busy.  A friend suggested that I attend a weekend massage workshop at a studio space he owned in Oakland.  The instructor of the workshop, James Dickson, had left his corporate tech job after attending a Body Electric workshop.  I could familiarize with his desire to find deeper meaning in life through his work.  The workshop taught me the basics of Swedish Massage, but more importantly, it taught me to trust myself and my intuition, to honor and respect to all people and find beauty in all the different body types there are out there. The class also solidified for me, something that I had long suspected, that I have a gift for touch and connection.  After practicing for about a month I started doing massage part-time.  

What do you consider your specialty?

I would say that Deep Tissue work is what I do best. I’m very intuitive and am good at understanding the pain-threshold of each client and adjusting my pressure accordingly.  I also love incorporating elements of other modalities I’ve learned, including trigger-point, Thai, acupressure and cranio-sacral. 

Do you get massages yourself? If so how often?

Not nearly as often as I should, but that seems to be the case with most massage therapists.  I have recently found a great therapist in SF, with whom I’ve done an exchange and it was a great match. 

What other self-care advice would you like to share with us?

I go to the gym 4-5 days a week and try and keep my workouts balanced between cardio, weight training and stretching.  I also get at least 8 hours of sleep each night and while I am not a saint about healthy eating, after all, I am a southern boy at heart, I try to eat smart.  I love to cook and try to eat plenty of lean meats, fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water.  I also recognize the effects that stress takes on our bodies and minds and therefore make conscious choices to not spend time with people or in situations that cause me undo stress. 

What kinds of things do you do to ensure that you are able to give clients the best bodywork experience they can get?

I don’t take appointments when I don’t have the energy to give it my best.  This means that I don’t see clients after 10 pm and I try and limit myself to no more than 3 appointments in a day.  As I mentioned earlier, stress management is also very important to me.  When I lay my hands on a client, I am transferring my energy to them, and if that energy is hectic, stressed and negative, I am doing them an injustice.  I feel that I have a very blessed life, I love my work, have a wonderful partner that shows me so much love and support and I try to spread that love & light to those that come see me.  I’m amazed at how many lives I have helped change over these 6 years, simply by doing what seems so natural to me.


What’s is one thing that you would recommend to clients who are new to massage?

Communicate with the masseur exactly what kind of session you would like.  As someone that does both therapeutic and erotic work, I appreciate when a client is very direct about what they would like, be it either a strictly therapeutic session or a massage in addition to mutual erotic exploration.  Let the therapist know if you have any injuries or limited mobility.  Also, I enjoy when clients make some noises during the massage so I know that they are enjoying the touch/pressure and also so I know if at any point the pressure is too deep.  When receiving a massage, try to just focus on your breath, keep them long and deep and let your mind go. This will allow your body to fully relax and for you to surrender to your masseur.

What do you enjoy the most about doing massage/bodywork?

I just love making people feel good.  I love feeling someone’s energy when they arrive and then sending them away with an energy that is much lighter, relaxed and joyful.  Bodywork and sex-work is spiritual to me.

Find Lance on in San Francisco and around the country! 





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How to Dress Like a Grown-Ass Man.  

via @accidentalbear/@buzzfeed

Yeah, we know it’s a buzzfeed video.  But there’s some really solid advice up there about how to show off what god (or the gym) gave ya.  And if you’re getting more higher profile clients, showing them that you know how to present yourself speaks volumes about their good choice in hiring you ;) 


Quote: "The difference between Italian boys and American boys is the Italian boys have dirty feet and clean assholes, while American boys have clean feet and dirty assholes.” ~ Gore Vidal from In Bed with Gore Vidal by Tim Teeman


Quote: "The difference between Italian boys and American boys is the Italian boys have dirty feet and clean assholes, while American boys have clean feet and dirty assholes.” ~ Gore Vidal from In Bed with Gore Vidal by Tim Teeman



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